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with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. got a new wreck on 695 clockwise as you make your way towards 702. i want to pull up a network cameras. just after chesico police and fire activity going o expect massive delays on 695 heading east of town. 70 eastbound at exit 68 an accident that's being cleared. and north of town near he'll beington at exit 103 we have an ongoing crash being cleared off the roadway. outside for a live shot. we will look and show you things look pretty good. 6 the 5 -- 695 at harford cam. we did but things are look good and it's mock along. here's drive times and 95 southbound at 659 downtown that's a 15-minute commute. guys. >>> we begin with a continued fight against west nile virus. >> this is becoming more and more of a story almost now 90 deaths including a illness in delaware and the nation's capital. >> we have tips on what to do toprotect sur self and family. >> reporter: it's been a bad year for mosquitoes in the washington area. a hot, dry spell followed by heat and high humidity and mosquitoes thrive. the health department says there has
saver traffic with mike masco. >>> it's not about construction on the roads, it's about debris. we have two reports, maryland 25, ridge road, you have debris in the road. we just got this in, 136 closed in both directions, due to debris. an issue south of town, at green castle road. outside for a live shot. we will look at right around 83, york road, quiet now, volume will pick up during the course of the morning. 95 northbound, in to the fort mc henry tolls, an 8 minute ride. outer loop, an 11 minute ride. >>> search is on for a baltimore county teenager who mixed chemicals in his home and caused a hazmat incident in parkville. linda so is live at county police headquarters where they are looking for the teenager. >>> police are testing the chemical to determine what it was. they are saying that it was not bomb making material. police are hazmat crews were called to park view. the person living there called 911 after he smelled a odor from the basement. he found his nephew and his friend mixing chemicals, they sold it to people to get high. >> i smell the worst smell i ever smelled in
a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. >>> taking you to the boards, one local accident, this is well south of town, around green castle road. most of the roadways looking good, 695, liberty, down in to harford road looking good. road work on sinclair lane, slowing you up near edson highway. live look and show you everything looking good. 95 approach, looking at 195, another shot for you to give you an idea, clear roadways, 695, harford, volume picking up. another check op traffic in less than ten minutes. >>> trial begins today for the amy major accused of shooting and killing soldiers at fort hood. nasal is charged with killing 32 people. >>> trial starts today for the moe accused of her son's disappearance. she has given two stories about her 8-month-old. >>> council is discussing two bills preventing taxpayers from footing the bills, stemming from the issues facing john leopold. >>> standoff in contract talks is racing the possibility of a teachers strike in chicago. head of teachers union says more than 26,000 teachers and staff are prepared to strike. it would be
timesaver traffic with mike masco. >>> good morning. the orange by the way lynette. we all have orange on but they lost last night. may not have to do that for tonight. here's what's going on outside on the big boards. we have some construction delays across baltimore city right now. sinclair lane dealing with some closures right around edison highway. then up towards the beltway 695 construction delays. this is on the inner loop closed near liberty road and we have more construction along 125. outside we go for a live shot and we'll show you pretty easy commute thus far this morning. most of the area roadways are looking good at this hour. and that should remain to be the case over the next couple of hours. 695 at harford road that is looking good. another check on the traffic coming up in just less than ten minutes. megan? >>> right now, the man who brought football back to baltimore is in the hospital this morning. art moe dell is at johns hopkins reported to be in grave condition. the 87-year-old is a baltimore icon. modell purchased the browns back in 1961 and then moved the franc
in the humidity it's going to feel warmer like yesterday. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. good morning. >>> good morning, everybody. baltimore city, we will take you to first, we are dealing with an issue, accident tying things up, south washington street. be aware of. that our speed indicaters, 5-10 is miles per hour. it's a slow crawl around the issue. honey go boulevard, silver spring road, speed sensor picking up a shade under 30 miles per hour. issues upper coast, 30 dover, accident because of debris. debris north and west of town this morning. we will look and show you what the situation is. this is looking out towards pretty clear roads. 695, picking up volume as you look towards the west. things are looking normal thus far. another check on traffic coming up. >>> a memoir is going to hit store shelves today. no easy day, a former seal is speaking out about what he says happened. last week it was number one in presales on amazon.com. sherrie johnson is here with more on the story, safe bet to say, military is going to be taking a look at this, making sure no classi
into the chesapeake bay. let's head over to mike masco. >> it's all about the winds. that will mile in the water. let's take a look. i want to show you. there's a shot downtown. we've been watching some of these storm reports. new carrollton, a lot of trees, westminster, poles and trees down. a lot of flooding on 270 and frederick is reporting major flooding. be aware of that as flash flood warnings will stay active. wind gusts in the word of 5 to -- area of 25 to 30 miles an hour. 8:00 in annapolis. if you live in an hear prone to the coastal flooding, be aware we'll be dealing with higher coastal flooding. >> that was a great update. if you're along that immediate chesapeake area, places along the south part of edgewater, south of annapolis, those are the areas you want to watch out for the high tide cycle. the rain and storm scenario will clear from west to east. the most valid for the eastern shore of maryland. we'll have much more on the rest of the week. changes ahead. that's coming up. >>> because of this weather, many of the schools in our area had to cancel the afternoon and evening school a
the eastern shore toward delaware. for more on the situation, let's head over to meteorologist mike masco. >> that will be the problem for the rest of the evening. that's the spot we'll have to cope an eye on as annapolis' high tide comes in a little after 8:00. the winds have been a big issue all day, southerly winds between 15 and 20 miles an hour. sustained winds at 23. all that wind pushing the close is a peek waters along the immediate shore between harford county down in anne arundel county and here are the high tides after midnight, havre de grace and ft. mchenry. tidal cycles running one to three feet. we'll send it over to wyatt. >> absolutely, that's the other aspect of the weather we have to watch for, the coastal concerns. the hour by hour forecast through the overnight period will clear conditions out and we want to remind you to check out our storm shield weather app as well as our weather app. they're available now at the itune store or in the google play store. if you have android, you can get the storm shield app. >> the wind blowing hard enough that we've been dealing wi
traffic with mike masco. good morning, everybody. it's about debris on the roadway this morning. one crash to report. let's take you to the maps, falls road, impacted due to a downed tree from overnight storms that moved through, near deep run court. be aware of that this morning. both directions on falls road being affect by the tree down. up towards upper, dover road, an accident, pilesville, 136, shut down, the law is on the scene, due to debris on the roadway. we will slide it south of town, a crash on going, working on this one, green castle road. speeds are reduced. there is near maryland 43, volume starting to pick up, drive time looking good. >>> a hazmat incidents in baltimore has police searching for a parkville teenager this morning, linda so is live at county police headquarters to tell us what happened and why they are looking for this guy. >> people had to be evacuated from their homes after a chemical was found in the teenager's house. police are still trying to determine exactly what the chemical was but they are saying it was not bomb making material or a meth lab. police
traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: construction delays. east of town and that's 695 at maryland 702. morning construction that's ongoing. that's going to start to wrap up during the course of the morning. we will see they take down the cones after 5. the 695-95 approach near exit 64 dealing with construction this morning. and finally out toward the west, right around 70 at 695 and this is aring highway 144 some construction tying up the speeds. we will show you things look pretty good on 695 at harford road. another check on traffic. >>> news time 4:32. he had so much generosity and vision and courage. he is the person that we can thank for the ravens and every thing he did for the community. art modell passed away yesterday and it's your turn to say thank you and good-bye. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with how you can pay your respects and they want people to come down there. >> reporter: they sure do. they are hoping for a huge outpouring and art modell's caskets will be on the field right here at m and t bank stadium on saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. it will be a silent tri
the yard. mike masco is in the storm center, are those fire fireworks going to get rained out and the game? >> i think we okay on both departments. rain showers not going to happen. it's warm temperatures, cloudy conditions. warmer than normal is the temperature spread. hagerstown 78. 75 in the city. temperatures on the mild side. clouds are in place right now. you notice again clear skies towards the north, that's nice weekend overall. we will talk about that coming up in a little bit. the rain chances will be down towards the south. talk about the weekend forecast, in the next shot for the next big storm coming up in little bit. >>> the crowd is building as we get set for the home series of the year. o. s are playing the red sox and angling for a spot in the playoffs since 1997. brian kuebler joins us live from orioles park. tons of anxious fans biting their nails over this. >> more and more people are doing the same. i wanted to show you the scene, exphundz soon to be thousands of people are waiting to get settled in to the stadium tonight. buckled up and head on the ride t
masco. >>> how about today, a beautiful day. 68 yesterday. 73 degrees. 72 toward frederick. d.c., 75. we've noticed the dew point starting to rise. that's an indication more moisture is coming into play. we're tracking a few showers through the ohio valley. that's what's going to come in during the course of the evening. going to the game, 68 degrees. increasing clouds, gentle breeze, between 5 and 10. through the evening 66. the clouds are in place, 64. i think the showers hold off until after midnight. we'll time out the arrival of some of the downpours. >>> the roller coaster ride continues for the o's, so does the festive feel in camden yards. jamie, fans have been excited, electric and we have still about an hour until game time. >> all of the bo. i want to introduce you to my friend san day. she's not an antique but everything she is wearing is. that has got to be 25 years old. >> at least. it's loved. >> reporter: look at the floppy hat. go down to the socks. >> they're my jock socks. >> reporter: how old are those. >> as old as the shirt. >> reporter: tom mcann's? >> yes. >> repo
in with meteorologist mike masco. >> good news. there's nothing going on in the radar. let's keep this trend going. not much happening. the clouds in place. it's mild. we have to keep an eye on the radar and have to keep an eye on more storms. not much happening right now. let's take you down to the stadium. storms are starting to fire out. you notice the line doesn't look like much. there's enough instability to allow for a shower, perhaps a thunderstorm. bring the rain gear just in case. let's keep the fingers crossed. hopefully we have a whole dry game ahead of us. cloudy, mild feel. 81 degrees in the city. easton is at 81. dulles is the win are at 8 -- winner at 83. that will continue through the course of the evening. 72 around 7:00. there could be more storms in the mix tomorrow. we'll show you that coming up in just a bit. >> we're down to the final games. then it's fan appreciation day friday through sunday. crowds are buzzing and it's not because jamie costello is back. are these your replacements? >> reporter: you're looking at three young little guys and little ladies. this is the way i
. 86 degrees, a check now of the traffic with mike masco. >>> good morning everybody. one issue that's route 1 just north of bel air in darlington. we have a crash that's tying up both directions on route 1. just be aware of that especially right around castleton road. as we slide to the south, some construction delays as you make your way into the key bridge toll plaza. in fact that's tying things up between quarantine road and hawkins point road at this hour but most of the beltway is looking frit good. we have the -- pretty good. we have the game in town a little after 5:00 the ceremonies will start. so just be aware probably right after 4:00 we'll start to see some delays on 395. outside we go for a live shot. we'll give you an idea of what's going on this morning. 695 at liberty road some volume picking up. we'll switch the shots to 95 at harford road and things are looking good at this hour. your drive times they're looking good as well. most of the speeds are up to around 65 and things are looking good again southbound from maryland pennsylvania line 695, 22 minute commute. me
to be a hot one on tap. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tgif let's get into it. we are talking a few construction delays across- town. we will start up in old frederick road in both directions affected near edmonton and the ongoing construction this morning. we have construction south of town and also disabled vehicle on route 100. that has been cleared and construction as you make your way into the key bridge but both harbor tunnel and fort mchenry tunnel looking good at this hour. outside for a live shot. 95 northbound at maryland 100 volume picking up at this early hour. another shot shows 695 at harford road. things are looking good. the drive times in check about 11 minute ride from 695 outer loop from 95 to 83. another check on traffic in less than 10 now onto you. >> two minutes after 6. he gave you something to cheer about. the man who brought football back to baltimore gave so much to the city and now it's your time to say thank you and good- bye to art modell. sherrie johnson is live where you can pay your respects and t
-degrees. lets get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. good morning everybody. let's get you right into it and just again a couple of construction delays out there and bring you to the big boards and show you there's one construction delay the right lane closed on 695 near eastern boulevard. so that's knocking down our speed sensors below 65 miles per hour. we can't take that spot and you know what? we'll go outside and take a look and it's a beautiful shot at 695 at harford road. really not much happening on most of the area roadways. another check on traffic in less than ten. >>> patti labelle cement ld a lawsuit. this one is two years old. what the singer was accused of doing that had one mother filling charges against her. >> plus, a tough year for a lot of people in and many had to go without. we're going to tell you how many people went to bed hungry last year. >>> consumer news for you this morning, we all shop for groceries and most of us always looking for ways to save money. shop smart magazine recommends apps l
by lunchtime. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we will take you to the boards and show you most of the crossings look good. fort mchenry to harbor tunnel to the key bridge crossings. everything looking good thus far this morning the we will go outside and look live and show you again things really looking good. 70 at 29. and normal volume for this time of the morning the drive times looking like this. mostly around 11 minute commute from 659 out of loop 95 and from 695 downtown that should take you just about 11 minutes. don't quote me. guys. >>> he brought us football and now it's time to say thank you to art modell. he passed away yesterday and there are plans to say thank you and good-bye. >> this morning abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with how you can pay respects and they want you to wear purple and they want a big turnout. >> reporter: the modeel family and ravens -- modell family and ravens team are hoping fans will come out to pay tribute. his casket will be at m and t bank stadium on saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. an
's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. issues on 895 northbound rather as you make your way into harbor tunnel. we are seeing speeds reduced that's because of long-term construction patterns that's ongoing. but this will wrap up after 5 this morning. also more construction related delays across-town out towards east side of town. this is road construction on two lanes closing down 95 southbound so they will reduce you to one lane approaching exit 64. another spot we will look towards the west of town in catonville construction related delays nearing highway 144. just off the 695. outside for a live shot 695 harford road looking pretty good. another chuck on traffic and the -- check on traffic coming up. >>> the honor the city is giving the iron man cal ripken we have details of what fans have to say about him. >> health officials concernedregarding autism and symptoms of epilepsy and doctors say there may be be a way to control it. more coming up -- may be a wa >>> it's revving up and getting ready to take on audubon. ford will s
of the time saver traffic with mike masco. good morning. >>> a few issues, disabled vehicle, the law working that town on 95 southbound, as you head close towards 103, be aware of that. also crash in baltimore city on south washington street. we got that in to the traffic center. we have issues north of town, a lot of debris on the roadways. especially towards fallson, a closure in all directions fallson road due to overnight storms bringing down tree limbs and a big tree tying up both directions. volume picking up, warren road, the north view, see starting to see congestion out there. over to 695, harford road and also seeing volume picking up as you pass harford road. another look at traffic coming up in less than ten tes. >>> he passed away but left a legacy behind. carlos turner was 16 when he died with cystic fibrosis. he was in and out of hospitals. he never lost focus of what he wanted. he didn't want to focus on himself. he decided to do something good and started with a barbecue cause he created on his own. >> he wanted it to be marketed. he wanted to bottle it, sell it and and the
everywhere. everyone wants to know will it be dry tonight? >> let's check in a real referee, mike masco. he's
but in the meantime, mike masco is checking out the roads and harm is looking at -- lynette charles is looking at the weather. >> pretty good. but the humidity still going? >> still going out there so the hair is not looking so good. >> pretty good. >> yeah. >> good to see me and oh gosh. we look at maryland most powerful radar as of now and we still have a few showers pushing in around the eastern shore moving out over dover just to the shutoff dover right now some heavier rain across that area. but further south to the south we go and we can see around southern maryland and princess anne and crisfield dealing with a nice shower around that area. definitely need some more rain around the area. off and on showers through the day and mainly dry though so just berepared for that. isolated showers in nature. a stray shower. 70 degrees right now for our temperature in myersville. nottingham coming in at 72. so temperatures are on the warm side once again. and then you factor in the humidity and we are going to be feeling it. this is what you're hour by hour forecast looks for into 3:00. 90-degrees
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masco. >>> 81 tomorrow afternoon. take a look close to home. not much. a few spotty showers over west virginia, central virginia. that will slide off toward the south. there's more showers toward the west, parts of cleveland, central ohio. that will come in as we head into the midnight hours. bank on a few spotty showers and more showers that will arrive going into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures not bad, into the 70s in most spots. 74 in town. easton at 73. dulles checking in at 76 at the present hour. rain cooled 60s back over charleston, roanoke. 68 degrees. first pitch at 7:05. increasing clouds. no spotty showers. showers by tomorrow morning's commute at 60. we'll time the arrival of the showers coming up in just a little bit. >>> a baltimore mother who was shot in the neck earlier this year is making real progress. now she has a new tool to make her life easier. christian schaffer has been following her story. this lady has been through so much. >> reporter: she was shot in the neck and paralyzed from the neck down. now shaunice can do much more. the company presented it to her
masco. >> i'll give you tuesday but i'll take wednesday. try to find a cloud in mt. airy. it is a beautiful shot. take a look at temperatures across town. ellicott city at 63. d.c. is at 64. northwest we're in the 60s. pretty comfortable 66 reading. if you're heading out to the game, 55 at first pitch. 9th inning, low 50s. keep it cool at 60 on the way t. 55 during the nighttime hour. tomorrow a crisp morning. we'll time out the wet weather. the forecast has a warming trend. that's coming up. >>> beautiful weather for the orioles. a double header with the blue jays. they're trying hard to make their case in the post season. jamie costello is the biggest chore leader. jamie, what are the fans saying. i've seen so much orange than i've seen in years. >> let's be frank about this. these are the playoffs this week and next. that's a winner takes all. they're leading 4-0 as we go into the top of the 7th inning. i want to show you this line has been nonstop sense 9:00 this morning. it has been a long time since we have seen a walkup like this. we set shop up on the deck in cent
tonight. jamie costello is live outside the yard. but, first, let's check in with mike masco to see whether you need an umbrella or rain coat. >> we will need the rain gear. take a look, a live shot, not much happening. there are storms near philadelphia. right now the atmosphere is loaded and ready. i have kept that in the forecast. take a look at the shot. a gorgeous day, feeling more like summer, 80s across many locations. right now we're at 81. dulles 83. eastern shore numbers between 80 and 83. if you're going to the game a mild 77 degrees. keep an eye to the sky. maybe a shower or storm could boil up. the rest of the forecast, your hour by hour will stay into the 70s. we're back on abc2 news at 11. a sure tomorrow could lead to a thunderstorm. we'll time the arrival coming up. >>> this is stressful. i know it's been 15 years, so we get anxiety that goes with the playoff push. >> that's pretty good. listen. we're anxious about the weather tonight. looking at the schedule we thought the orioles have an off day tomorrow. toronto has to be in new york. can't play on monday because
, kelly? >> fingers crossed, jamie. they're going to win tonight. now let's go to mike masco. >>> you saw the clouds over jamie's head. maybe a rumble of thunder during the course of your evening. at 5:00 take a look at the current city temperature of 81. d.c. is 83. eastern shore numbers into the 80s. that sunshine allowed for the temperatures to really boost up. maryland's most powerful radar is clear overhead. we could see pop-up showers. if you're heading out to the game, first pitch, 77 degrees. showers, storms, southwesterly wind. so this will be a mild game. it's a warm evening, 76 degrees even into the nighttime hours. it's going to be a wet scenario. we'll time the arrival for storms tomorrow coming up. >>> the closure of a pawk buccaneer -- baltimore county medspa led to a multistate investigation. the practice continues in pennsylvania, delaware and maryland when three patients came down with the same invasive infection. joce sterman joins us with the latest. what's happening with these spas? >> reporter: maryland officials closed down the spa saying the facility could endanger
masco. >>> i'm concerned with tonight's game. the reason being, the storms are starting to line up. let's did out toward the west. we're keeping an eye on extreme western county. a severe thunderstorm warning and this is moving toward the northeast. this is our future scan. notice the weather. if we go to the south and west, everything is starting to blossom, pinwheels of moisture, still 300 miles out. we may see the chance for scattered showers later this evening. temperatures will be into the 70s. first kick, temperatures will be into the 70s through the course of the evening. showers and storms with an easterly wind at five to 10. >> for the first time if your life you're going to chore for a referee tonight. welcome back ed hockeyly. they reached an agreement to end a three-month lockout. >> reporter: this is it, the play that will live in en-- infamy. after the deoftenned call, it took just 48 hours of feverish negotiations for the nfl it reach a deal with the refer reese union. for players, fans and coaches, the deal ends weeks of frustrations. >> i have a bad taste in my mouth. >
with mike masco. >>> good morning, everybody. to the north central avenue, a crash around madison avenue. speeds reduced due to the incident. south of town, another crash, affecting parts of, this is 95, northbound, exit 49 and 50. they have cleared that off to the off ramp. the damage is done. back ups, another issue in baltimore city dealing with an accident. >>> katie premiers in baltimore on abc 2, september 10th. it will be at 4:00, followed by news at 5:00 and 6:00. back new york. ♪ i can't believe it ♪ i am growing every day now, and it... ♪ [ female announcer ] childhood goes by too fast to slow down for sensitive skin, which is why all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. it's the #1 recommended brand by dermatologists and allergists for sensitive skin. and its active stain lifters help tackle tough dirt and stains. ♪ i won't forget you give us your worst, we'll give it our all. and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to
. a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. good morning everybody. let's talk about the stadium and tonight as you can certainly expect a massive volume around the stadium. 395 and 295. all jammed probably starting after 4:00 i'm sure a lot of early tailgatessers. we have an issue along route 1 that's knocking out both lanes south of bel air. that's an accident and then construction delays into the key bridge. in fact this is tying things up at quarantine road at hawkins road. the final stop on back and show you everything is looking good on most of the beltways. outside for a live shot and we'll show you 70 at 29 and things are looking good at this point. another check on traffic in less than ten. megan on to you. >>> the man who brought football back to baltimore is in the hospital this morning. art modell is at johns hopkins reported in grave condition. the 87-year-old baltimore icon modell purchased the cleveland browns back in 1961. then moved the franchise to baltimore in 1996. that move made him a hero to the city. he sold t
would think after the years on tv. he would get on board. >> another guy that wears makeup, mike masco. he sent in today's challenge this picture. very, very cute. it's of his dog tim. and he loves to surf and he got his dog on the surf board. we posted the picture on facebook. and we've generated a lot of comments, cindy wrote in saying surf's up. penny says the dog days of summer. which unfortunately are over. and susan saying please tell him to let me go. i've got this. very, very cute. please keep the comments coming and you ever have a caption this photo, i need some for next week. please e-mail them to pics@wmar.com. >> good way to see yourself or your dog or your kid on tv. thanks lauren. keep them coming. >>> chaos in the streets of los angeles. two bank robbery suspects threw money out of the window during a wild chase. people were actually seen running to pick up the cash. they were even darting in front of police cruisers. officers were able to corner the suspects at the intersection and pull them out of the suv and arrest them. >>> all right, well, it seems not everybody in
kuebler who is down at the yard with those fans. first we want to check this with mike masco. get your game forecast. >>> got nervous this morning watching rain come through west virginia. it looks like it's going to be far south of the city. manchester has the clouds this play. clouds across the location. this is howist going to boil down. i drew in the line where i think that the best chances of rain will exist,ist from baltimore on south, arundel, pg county, a chance of a scatter shower. the dryer the further north. if you are going to the games there are showers, maybe a quick shower, but i think its going to be cloudy. northwest wind 5-10, we will have a temperature of around 73 degrees. daytime highs today, 80 degrees. we
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